Which survivor to invest in

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Hi all, hope you can give me some advise.
I think all of them are at least decent.
But everyone seems to miss 1 trait..

These are the only few decent survivors i have got in ages.

Thanks in advance!


  • johnacudajohnacuda Member Posts: 96
    Thetanks for my 2 cents
  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 558
    Audrey and TheTanks are both good imo and worth investing in to. Try to play anyone who has complimentary traits for Sniper Morgan alongside him. You will see a noteworthy difference in damage output.

    I wouldn't invest in your scout.
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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 544
    TheTank is great. He is only missing luck but getting all traits right is nearly impossible so I would go ahead and invest in him.
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