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Summertime is here again! And that means a new rewards campaign is right around the corner. Read on to find out about the new weapon that you can earn this summer, along with a few long-awaited additions and changes to No Man’s Land.

Story Chapter 15
Van Zandt has been on the run for a couple of years now, and we have finally found his whereabouts! It's time to take the fight to him in the final Story chapter of The Walking Dead No Man's Land! Story Chapter 15 will contain seven new missions playable in all three difficulties which will conclude the story of No Man's Land.

Trait Reroll Tokens
The new Trait Reroll token can be used to change the traits of your Legendary (or above) Heroes and Survivors. Simply select a non-Leader Trait and expend the tokens to be offered two randomly-chosen non-Leader Traits to select from. These randomly-selected Traits will not duplicate any Trait that the character already has. Either the original, or one of the two random Traits can be selected for the survivor to keep, and the new Trait will keep the level of the original.

Multiple Trait Rerolls can be applied to the same survivor or Hero, so you can create the absolute best combination for whatever missions lie ahead. Trait Reroll tokens can be earned as rewards from various game modes (the Challenge, the Distance, the Trade Goods Shop for Council Level 10 and higher) or found in the shop.

Rerolling a trait costs Reroll Tokens + associated Hero/Survivor tokens. Rerolling traits of Heroes requires 50 Reroll Tokens (for any level of the trait), while rerolling traits of Survivors costs 40 Reroll Tokens (for any level of the trait). Hero and Survivor token cost increases based on the level of the trait. Below you can find a table listing costs of rerolling Hero and Survivor traits for each level (starting from level 4, as trait level 4 is the minimum level of a trait that a Legendary Hero/Survivor can have):

Both Reroll and Hero/Survivor tokens are consumed in the process of rerolling a trait. If you wish to keep the original trait, 50% of Hero/Survivor tokens are returned back to you, while the Reroll Tokens are consumed in the process.

Here is a table listing the sources of Reroll Tokens that can be earned each week:

Reroll Token rewards are going to be available in the game starting from June 17, 2019!

Reroll Tokens in Trade Goods Shop will be available for purchase once each weekend and available for the whole weekend - from Friday 12.00 UTC till Monday 12.00 UTC. First Reroll Tokens will be sold in Trade Goods Shop starting from June 21, 12.00 UTC, until June 24, 12.00 UTC. Reroll Tokens can be bought from Trade Goods Shop by players of Council level 10 and higher.

New Trait: Follow Through
After killing a walker with a melee attack, survivors with Follow Through trait will deal half of the excess damage to an adjacent enemy [20-65]% of the time. Melee critical hits, Charge attacks, and even Overwatch attacks now have the chance to take out more than a single walker at once! Follow Through is available for all melee classes.

Changes to Retaliate
Retaliate trait used to be an exclusive trait for melee Survivors, while only a few ranged Heroes had Retaliate available by default. Now, Retaliate is available for all ranged classes as well.

Summer Campaign
Reward campaigns have been a fun highlight of No Man’s Land since last year’s Summer of Explosions, and this year is also going to be full of fireworks. Keep an eye on the News section of the camp to find out when the campaign will begin! The highlight of the upcoming Summer Campaign is going to be the Bayonet Musket - a brand new weapon for Scouts; while for collecting 3,000 Summer Tokens you will be able to unlock the final reward - the Flaming Crossbow. Reinforcement Tokens and Reroll Tokens will also be available as rewards in the Summer Campaign.

Bayonet Musket

The Bayonet Musket, recently recovered from the abandoned history museum, is a new Scout weapon which combines aspects of a Scout’s spear and Hunter's rifle into one devastating weapon. The Bayonet Musket has the same reach as other spear-type weapons but can only hit one target at a time. The Bayonet Musket's charge attack allows Scouts to use firepower to clear multiple enemies from a distance. Unlike Kingdom Spear and Pitchfork, Bayonet Musket's damage is not reduced, compared to other Scout weapons of an equal level.

Reinforcement Tokens
Reinforcement Tokens are shifting from being an exclusive Guild Wars/Campaigns rewards to being a universally-accessible currency. To upgrade a weapon, several Reinforcement Tokens are required now - the number of required tokens matches the level of a weapon being upgraded (e.g. to upgrade a level 25 weapon, 25 Reinforcement Tokens are required). Reinforcement Tokens can be collected from places such as the Challenge, Trade Goods Shop, the Distance, seasonal Campaigns, and others.

Here is a table listing the sources of Reinforcement Tokens that can be earned each week:

Reinforcement Token rewards are going to be available in the game starting from June 17, 2019!

Reinforcement Tokens in Trade Goods Shop will be available for purchase once each weekend and available for the whole weekend - from Friday 12.00 UTC till Monday 12.00 UTC. The first Reinforcement Tokens will be sold in Trade Goods Shop starting from June 21, 12.00 UTC, until June 24, 12.00 UTC. Reinforcement Tokens can be bought from Trade Goods Shop for players that are Council level 8 and higher.

From Old to New Reinforcement Tokens:

As some players still have their Reinforcement Token unspent (received from Update Gift 3.2), we are going to transfer that Reinforcement Token into a new system. This is how it is going to go:

- if you still haven't spent your single Reinforcement Token by 08.00 UTC, June 17, you will be included in the transferring process
- you will be sent a number of Reinforcement Tokens equal to the highest level of equipment you can currently reinforce to, minus 1 (as you already have 1 token)
- the highest level of equipment you can currently reinforce is very easy to calculate: check your Workshop level and add 5 to it. This will give you a maximum level of equipment that you are able to reinforce to the next (your highest available) level. Remember that equipment can be reinforced to a level that your Workshop allows you to upgrade.
- you will receive the tokens throughout the day of June 17. As tokens are sent automatically in batches, it may take several hours for you to receive them


on June 17th, 08.00 UTC, you still have one Reinforcement token that you haven't spent, and the level of your Workshop is 19. This means the maximum level of equipment you can reinforce is 19+5=24 - which means in the new system you need 24 Reinforcement Tokens. This piece of gear will be reinforced to level 25.

Ad System and Reward Structure Change
Ads in NML are undergoing a substantial change, shifting focus to ads viewed in the Cinema. To give you more time to play missions, the number of ads available is decreasing; however the rewards given for watching each ad have increased.

Changes to Cinema ads:

One cinema ad can now be viewed once every 8 hours (instead of 4 ads per hour previously). Watching a cinema ad will reward you with one of the 3 most essential resources: Gas, Gold, or Phones. Cinema ads now give only Silver and Golden rewards.

Changes to post-mission ads:

Post-mission ads are now removed, so players can get right back to the action. They are substituted with 4 Free Unlocks per hour - each Free Unlock allows you to open 3 extra crates per completed mission (on top of your default 3 crates).

In other words, it works very similarly to the previous system, but now you are no longer required to watch ads to get extra unlocks!

Trade Goods Shop Additions
Trade Goods Shop inventory is now stocked with some new additions: more Hero tokens are added to the rotation (such as Merle, Gabriel and Governor), and Alternative Hero tokens are now also available in the Trade Goods Shop!

Alternative Hero tokens cost 1,250 Trade Goods, while the cost of original Hero tokens remains at 800. Alternative Hero tokens are in the rotation within the same Hero tokens slot in Trade Goods Shop.

Challenge Set Rework
The Ka-Boom! and Quarry Junction Challenge sets have been given a fine tuning, with changes to mission objectives, enemy sets, and overall balance. They will be given a second debut in the weeks to come.

State of Guild Wars
The underlying technical issues that are the root of the Guild Wars issues are still being addressed. Please look forward to news about Guild Wars in a future update.

State of Dynamic Round Passes
Dynamic Round Passes system is still being configured, so it won't be featured in the current update.

New People in No Man's Land Team
And for one more very important announcement! Our team has grown by several new members in the past few weeks. One of these people is our new Community Manager! Please give a warm welcome to @Fluxxx !
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