Cinema ads. 1 advert per 8 hours.



  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,142
    @vane thanks for your input.
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  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 268

    The issue is not only gas that we are losing, it's gear and crafting frag/components. Even though a gold fragment was rare it was worth the watch to try my luck.
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  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    I would log in frequently to watch the ads, I’ve had some serious luck in the past I just feel it would be better balanced if I got an ad every 4 hours maybe? I like the addition of phones everyone knows we are going to need them badly and tbh gas was really the big win for me in the cinema as I don’t always boost. I’ve had numerous times where in 1 set of 4 ads I’d net 10-12 gas, perhaps it could be tweaked but I feel a generous ad play such as this every 4 hours would be amazing for the players. 6 ads NG, don’t be cheap I’ll buy phones for sure from you 😁.
  • KratosKratos Member Posts: 372
    edited June 2019
    Vane said:

    I really like this idea, too, and I have been actually thinking about it in my head for the last couple of months. Since we started the development of "4 free unlocks per hour" instead of "4 ads for post-mission unlocks per hour", I thought that this change would go quite well with reduced gas recharge time - now also that you receive a notification on your phone when your free unlocks are refreshed. This needs some more further consideration and analysis, but I believe it would be quite an interesting change.

    I like this idea!

    Vane said:

    Thanks for the feedback! 24 hour cycle (8+8+8) is indeed pretty hard to manage - that's a very valuable point which I think deserves having a second look at.

    Even if the timer was rolled back to every 4 or 6 hours that would allow us to pick up at least 3 or 4 consistently everyday.
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  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 563
    What about if the rewards improved but the ads were lessened (more payout tho) ? That might appease the majority. I don't think anyone enjoys watching ads, they enjoy the reward attached to it. I think if the gold and silver prizes were a larger amount per item, that would make more sense. 10 and 15 is decent, but that equates to 2 maybe 3 missions depending on how far in to the challenge you've gone. I appreciate that we still have post mission crates, but the prizes are not guaranteed.

    Everything can be good in moderation, but value for money and time is the bottom line.

    I want NG to win, but I want the players to win also.

    P.S. Please consider reducing the gas timer and costs of missions and upping reward yields in general and combining dodge and bullet dodge in to one trait and and combining bulletproof and hazard suit in to one trait. Thanks!
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  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 268
    Just found out that Our World got ads for the very FIRST TIME yesterday. Can't help but think this has something to do with NML getting less?? 🤔
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  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 302
    That was my same "Reward" I got this morning....Puke..................
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Just make it 7 hours to coincide with Trade Good Shop restock
  • gndriagndria Member Posts: 46
    I also agree that 8 hours is difficult to manage.
  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
    @DBones and @xbamfx is true, from all the ads after the update I got only gold, except on one occasion when I got 3 phones. So no gas! With this I certainly don't want to scream about conspiracy, for heaven's sake and God forbid (by the way @Vane do you like my ideas of change?), but I think everything is oriented to start having electric cars .. No more petrol o:) !!
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    They can try ;

    1. Tomato for 31 GAS
    2. Trade goods for ... GAS

    Everybody happy
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 871
    I watched a 30 sec ad this morning and didn't get a reward due to a "connection issue." Now I will have to wait 8 hours, no bueno.

    I didn't really watch cinema ads before, because half the time I logged in they weren't even available, and when they were I got mostly crap. It was never worth it for me, so I was looking forward to this change. However, if it's still just as glitchy, then I guess I don't have to watch any ads since they were removed from the post mission crates. HOORAY FOR ME!!
  • BloodyChainsawBloodyChainsaw Member Posts: 342
    Here’s yet another idea. How about 1 advert every 4 and we can open all 3?
  • BloodyChainsawBloodyChainsaw Member Posts: 342
    Oh and bring back components only rare and up.
  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 1,096
    @Vane that's better, 14 hrs all done, big difference for me.
  • DodkongDodkong Member Posts: 1,048
    I like having it reduced from every 8 hours. I can't always be sure I'll be free at exactly 8 hour intervals to watch the add. Having some extra time gives me a very good chance to view all 3 during a 24 hour period.
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