Ideas to help with Guild Wars issues and to improve the experience overall.

GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 42
1) A war lasts 6 days instead of 2 days.
2) Instead of 6 keys allowing 50 minutes each of play time, give each player 300 minutes they can use anytime throughout the 6 days.
3) Instead of starting a new battle every hour, start a new battle every day (12 hours?)

1) Activity is spread out over 6 days, reducing demand on hardware resources.
2) No more minimum number of participants. New players will be able to play that weren't able to play before because of guild interest.
3) New tactical strategies involved. Players pick and choose which battles to jump into in order to win the most battles. (In a war, you don't allocate all resources to a single battle; you spread them out and reinforce as needed.)
4) Guilds will have more opportunity to clear higher-level maps.

I realize there will be some challenges with this (such as matching guilds), but I believe this format offers a lot more flexibility than the current forma and will attract many more players.


  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,098
    I hope NG makes good use of your suggestion.

    Locking players to a tight 48 hour / 6 keys frame was just cruel. Add to that different time zones for Global guilds, different work schedules, daily routines etc and it's a sure thing to fail.

    GWs was supposed to bond guildmates, but it was breaking everyone instead.
    Mavericks Guild Family
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