Strategy needed for final Chapter 15 stage on Nightmare!

Has anyone beaten the very final level of the new stage on Nightmare? I got through every other stage on my first try thus far, but got my butt kicked by van Zandt himself (made it to the end with the Raiders/mini-gun turret but then got shot down before I could reach them). I used Dwight (5*) with burning weapon in Leader position, a 9* Hunter with burning weapon, and a 9* Scout with Kingdom Spear. All survivors level 26, all gear level 29.

I'm guessing it's a matter of a different team? Since you can't charge bruisers to stun, they seem useless against CR 32 walkers and raiders. The spiky walkers are a pain as well.

Anyone found an ideal team/strategy for this?


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    I went with Rosita in the lead (2-Pink Star + 1 Bonus), Aaron (2-Pink Star), and my best Punish Bruiser (3- Pink Star). I had the Scoped 9mm piston for Aaron and Morgan's Staff for the Bruiser. I used Rosita's bonus to help take out the Spikey's along with the charged attack from Aaron when I could. I let my Bruiser take any hits from the Spikeys. Once I finished out the Armored and Spikey spawns, I focused on Van Zandt and his crew. I could shoot with Aaron at his team without any retaliation because of the extra range of the pistol. I just kept plinking away until I killed each one.of the defenders while staying out of range of their guns. Only the Bruiser made his way up and I kept shooting him until he was in range of my Bruiser. With that strategy, it was easy. Only Aaron and my Bruiser ended with a bruise. No other injuries. Good luck if you don't have the Scoped 9mm. One of my favorite weapon purchases. Well worth it just for this map.

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    @Governator , is the range of the Scoped 9mm greater than Gold Extended Range on other pistols (and Winter Bow)?
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    @Artminius, yes. It’s an extra long range gun that shoots further than a Gold Hi-Powered pistol.
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    Sasha in the lead with an incendary rifle. Two assaults (Abe/Rosita or someone with Revenge).

    First part of the map you just pick off the nearest raider with Sasha (the other two run around in the background) and then edge forward to take out the other two.

    Second part of the map is just about charging your team using the walkers. They don't continually spawn, so just take them out at range.

    Final part you'll want to rush in with Abe (probably) and try to stun the raiders and maybe VZ. Then Sasha follows up with a big firey crit to VZ and it's pretty much game over. Open the car door = win.
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    3 brusers, morgan as leader, glen rg, eugene, no need to kill spikey, and others humans, just kill vane and job done
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    Kill Vane or Vaine? 🤣
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    Uh oh!

    Both just to be sure lol 😂
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