Option to prevent non active players from getting rewards

There needs to be a way to prevent/lock people out from gaining rewards when they do not participate in weekly event.

I’ve got people who have done their share in the past but now are just being leaches and I’d prefer not to dump them but penalize them for leaching off others.


  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 272
    There is: Give 'em the boot!
    No reason for a 'half measure' like you suggest. In or Out. Why are you concerned about booting a "leach"?
  • CNYDeathDealerCNYDeathDealer Member Posts: 7
    Because they have done a great deal for the group. It’s just now that they aren’t around..with no explanation. Also, not the easiest of things to keep people, let alone get decent players... right now, I’m complaining about their lack of participation but they’ve proved themselves. Also your reasoning is wrong, if there was a punishment, so people might know they need to do something versus not. Not everything needs to be black and white.
  • LilTexLilTex Member Posts: 17
    This is how our team handles it. We require a certain number every week from our players and they know tht from the very beginning. We get a few new people here and there and we give them a few weeks to make their numbers or their out. Our players that have been there since almost day 1 we definitely cut them some slack. It’s like you said, they have done a great deal for the group. If our main players go MIA we send out mess through the game, making sure they are okay. We are literally like an online family. If you haven’t heard from them in months then their prob not even playing at this time, so they aren’t getting the rewards anyways.. If the question ever arises from the new players why some aren’t contributing, just explain they have been wth you guys a while and Pd their dues and out of respect for thm, the leader will make the final call if it comes to that. This may not be how everyone would handle it, but like you said, it’s hard to find good, dedicated team players. But this is an online game and we don’t know what is going on in everyone’s lives. Not everyone lives and breathes TWD like some of us do....lol..hope this helps... but on the other hand, the new people who don’t want to play their part, they will be let go immediately....
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