Has this happened to you? - Potential Trait Reroll token bug



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    Seems follow through comes up a lot I have done three rerolls and got it every time, a lot of my guild mates seem to get that as well also always on the left hand side
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  • ThanosOfTitanThanosOfTitan Member Posts: 224

    >opted to keep your trait after using

    >the tokens, and you try to reroll

    >that same trait again

    I trait rerolled on Morgan 3 times on the same trait—the Vigilant slot

    The first time I got a choice between Follow Through (left) and Power Strike (right). I kept the new trait on right side and got Power Strike (I wasn’t aware you get tokens back if you kept the original trait initially).

    The second two times again Follow Through appeared on the left— all 3 times I got Follow Through on the left side. Strong was on the right side for these two.

    I figured this was a bug after the second roll so contacted help in game. They said it was just bad luck and would not happen again—so I rerolled the 3rd time and it happened again.

    Same here I have done three rerolls and it’s always on the left and all three times,
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    @RiverGhost did support tell you it would not happen again? If so could you PM me a screenshot of that?

    On the whole, trait rerolls seem to be working as intended, but when you have suspicions please keep reporting it to support because it definitely helps us monitor the situation.
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    I was almost too scared to re-roll DS on Morgan the second time (after keeping the old trait).

    So what I described in the re-roll thread was what I actually did - stopping the game, clearing the cache, installing the optional update, and then doing a mission before re-rolling.

    I got two completely different traits, normal animation and all.

    Now I don't know if it had anything to do with what I did or not, but since I already read that players got different results doing something else before re-rolling while others didn't and got the same results again, I thought it couldn't hurt...
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    So my first reroll on Morgan, vigilant, I got a choice between power strike on the left and ruthless on the right.
    When I rerolled power strike today I got a choice between follow through on the left and ruthless again on the right...
    Does seem a little odd.
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