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I posted this in the wrong section of the forum and it was quickly hijacked. So this looks like the right place so I'm reposting it.

I would like to see some kind of new building on camp that helps me organise my team. The point of this building is that I upgrade it to give me more teams (to give me something to do with my tomatoes).

Upgrading the building to level 1 gives me 1 team, this allows me to set 3 heroes/survivors that no matter what team is currently set these 3 heroes/survivors are chosen. Level 6 gives me 6 teams (and maybe this is useful to keep going up to 10) this gives the effect of a single button click to switch out a whole team dependent on what I am, doing giving options for all 6 challenge maps, outpost and GW choices.

These would choose the hero/survivor and their current weapon/armour.

Levels 11-20 of this building allows selection of gear and weapon so despite what weapon they are using currently the weapon is swapped out for the one that is requested. if a survivor already has that weapon then it is swapped with them or it is taken from them and the survivor who did have it gets assigned the next best weapon. This is activated for team 1 at level 11 and team 2 at level 12 etc.

This would be a huge time saver for me and I could assign 6 of the teams to the challenge, 1 or 2 to outpost and 2 to GW (when it comes back). So for me I would love it, but I’m sure others have ideas that could enhance it further.

Without knowing how the game is written it feels relatively easy to implement. All that is need is enough real estate to have 10 preset buttons (that is probably the hard part) on the team select page as I'm sure a lot of the other core functionality probably exists (unload weapon, load weapon, unload gear, reload gear).

Yes, I would love NG to give this for free as a standard part of the game and it wouldn't need a new building, but hey why not have something to spend these tomatoes on and something to work towards.


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    Here is what it could look like
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    Sounds like an interesting idea. I'm for something of a team management system, maybe using a simple menu, but one which doesn't require a new building.
    It gets tedious swapping one by one all the time to be honest.

    I think they should give us more affordable options on a regular basis to spend supplies on instead. The cap is kind of needless at this time. I think when you reach max, you should be awarded trade goods / some other variant of currency to spend.
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