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To whom it may concern, @Fluxxx @Vaine @zbot
I had a bit of an epiphany today. What would be good is if we could get a bonus mission for every 10 missions we do. Sort of like how Street Fighter 2 Turbo used to have a beat up the car mission or bewt up the falling barrels mission. Or Mortal Kombat, Test Your Might mission.

Upon completion you get a prize, badge fragments, radios, gas, GW gas, gold etc. You have to complete a specific unusual objective with a handicap:
-50% total damage.
-Bleeding with no heal but you must reach the exit within 10 moves etc.
-Complete with only two survivors gain 50% more points, complete with only 1 survivor gain 100% more points.
-Slow movement of 3 or 5 spaces per turn (as seen in Knee Deep season mission).
-Kill the tough guy (Double health special walker) gain 50% more points.
-Rescue the trapped survivor (gain survivor tokens / rare or above survivor).
-Complete map in under 3 minutes (gain double xp for 1 hour).
-Kill 200 enemies (gain double supplies for 1 hour).
And more...

Each time you complete the bonus round, you win the prize and gain points, which fill up a progress bar towards the next stage of the prize. So each category would have it's own meter to fill up.
I. e. 1 radio 100 points, 5 radios 200 points , 10 radios 300 points
This should be done instead of daily quests as these are boring, frustrating and are a waste of time and gas.

Daily quests should be swapped out for daily login prizes instead. Which reset at 1300 UTC. Again, the more consecutive days you login, the higher value and quantity the prizes become, but if you miss a day you revert back to having to get the intial prize repeatedly. Could be 1 radio for example.

New maps would need to be designed and implemented but it would be a treat to look forward to after grinding for 20 million supplies for a lot of players. With outpost - introduce boss missions, where you face some walkers and a double health special walker where the prize is double influence and double trade goods for every 10 outpost missions. Again this could have a similar progress bar to bonus missions and prizes increase accordingly.

Small touches like this may increase customer engagment perhaps.

Feedback welcomed.
P. S. Even if you don't approve, suggest improvements / alternatives.
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    Damn, I like thiss. Great idea. Suits my mode of play as well.
  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 474
    @johnacuda thank you. Scavenges and challenges have been bothering me for some time now. This is an easy way to switch things up but keep things familiar.
    I plan for the best and I plan for the worst - Dbl Edge
    Show and prove, otherwise humble thyself
    Catch me on LINE app - Line ID: dbledgedep
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