Revenge not working properly while in struggle

justinc222justinc222 Member Posts: 46
I just had 2 survivors die unexpectedly today while playing The Distance. The scenario was:
*I had someone get attacked by a regular walker that put them in struggle.
*Then another character (a shooter) of mine with Revenge would shoot and kill that walker as revenge
*The struggling character would immediately die and nearby walkers would come over and start chewing on his corpse.

I'm confident this worked differently recently where it would save the struggling character but I'm not 100% if it only changed with the most recent update.

I searched on the forums and didn't get any hits on it so I'm creating a new topic.


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 1,959
    That's probably because, whenever a survivor is freed from a struggle by revenge, not every walker has finished it's turn yet.

    So when your survivor got freed, other walkers have had still not made their turn. Then they approached him and made their hits.
  • justinc222justinc222 Member Posts: 46
    ahhh ok I actually did wonder if it was something like that. Thanks for the info!

    The animation is missing that part though. It skips the attack and just shows the others immediately walking over and eating the corpse.
  • psychwolfpsychwolf Member Posts: 1,206
    The wrasstler trait can also be dangerous in this manner.
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