Players are dogs at your disposal



  • 潭池武鬼潭池武鬼 Member Posts: 47
    This has been going on for a year,What the hell are you doing?
  • 潭池武鬼潭池武鬼 Member Posts: 47
    romeo said:

    You can say anything and all you want directly to @Fluxxx

    Make sure it's clear in front of everyone
  • 潭池武鬼潭池武鬼 Member Posts: 47
    No one told me!!!!
  • BodBod Member Posts: 110
    I was wondering why you mention exploiting a loophole in your post guess you don't consider it as cheating but we do
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 1,686
    so you’ve been cheating for a year? Well now you’ve been told and warned with a two week ban. Which I think is pretty light for a years worth of stolen goods. See you in two weeks and don’t do it again and you’ll be fine.
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