Suggestions for improving ranged survivors

Since the introduction of Razor and new powerful heroes, melee units have reigned supreme. Unfortunately, that often means running pretty much the exact same team in later missions, which can get rather boring. Let's bring some balance back to the Force and show some love for ranged survivors. Obviously NG could just buff Piercing and call it a day, but I am here to offer some more creative proposals.

1. Make it so that Sure Shot reduces the chance of body shot, lets say by 10 at legendary and 15 by five pink stars.

Sure Shot is currently the only survivor trait that is completely useless on higher levels if you don't have piercing/razor. Even Power Strike provides a damage boost in addition to increased critical chance, so why should ranged attacks only have an increased critical chance?

2. Give ranged non-body shots a chance to cause bleed on human enemies.

I don't know about you, but I imagine getting shot is very painful, and There Will Be Blood (great movie btw). This will help us kill higher level human enemies faster, instead of just repeatedly hitting them with sticks to stun them. Unfortunately, I believe this would mean that ranged enemy units would have the ability to make us bleed, but hey maybe that would make us appreciate bullet proof/dodge for a change.

3. New Armor trait: Grenade Vest.

This trait will allow you to use a grenade instead of your normal attack (once per map for bronze, 2 for silver, 3 for gold). It will have the range and attack sphere of the pickle jar, guaranteed no body shot, plus a chance of setting on fire, you know what the RPG should've been :p
Since it is an explosion, it will increase the threat meter by 3 and any kills won't charge up your normal attack. In order to use the grenade, a new button might have to be added, or you can make it so that you can toggle between normal attacks and grenade attacks, like when we do so with charged attacks.

4. Give us shooter (or terminus assault) Carol or give us death!

Razor is obviously a big reason why melee units are stronger now, but ranged units are lacking in awesome LT. Most ranged survivors simply provide a weapon damage bonus, but on higher levels it's all about getting those charged attacks. If SRick's LT was given to shooter Rick, then he would still be a top hero. My main point with this is that even if piercing gets a boost, if ranged units have lackluster leader traits, then SRick, Morgan, HDaryl, and RGG will still dominate teams. My suggestion would be Carol has XX% chance of getting an additional charge point after making a kill, as a leader all ranged survivors gain this ability.

In conclusion, this was just another Shooter Carol post, haha I made you read all that.

Thanks for reading and feel free to post any other ideas for improving ranged survivors.


  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 472
    Fair points raised. I disagree with adding new characters at this point however, we get some pretty lacklustre pickings of the current roster when it comes to token finds. So adding more in to the mix will decrease chances further for us.

    A grenade vest is an interesting idea, but knowing the powers that be, they will ramp up the difficulty to "balance" the game.
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  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,206
    I like all your suggestions.

    NG will only do something if they see milking opportunity though.
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