THE EARHUNT Community Event

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Hey guys!

I'm excited to announce a new community event - a common cause that we can all work towards together, The Earhunt.
In the following weeks, from July 22nd to August 19th (12PM UTC), you will be given the challenge of collecting 100 MILLION walker ears... with Scouts only.

How we'll measure progress:
  • 1 Walker = 2 Ears
  • We will count ALL kills with Scouts across ALL game modes
On the way to this ambitious goal, there will be 5 milestones for you to reach (with rewards for everyone in the game at each one):

- 5M - One-day gas booster

- 10M - 2 Reinforcement Tokens

- 20M - 60 Scout Tokens

- 30M - One-day gas booster (reward will be given as a Two-day booster)

- 60M - 5 Reinforcement Tokens

- 100M - 60 Huntsman Daryl tokens and a Gold Fragment

For more information check out our video (contains extra cool info)!

Community event discussion thread

Kudos to @Carly for initiating the idea :)
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