Punishment for the network exploit during challenge missions

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Ok so if you recall, last week we had a fun little thread about some exceptionally high-star achievers and the exploit of using airplane mode during missions to get favorable setups.

As promised, we were going to keep a close eye on Nation Wars to make sure that we can have a fair competition between the nation guilds. We have now done a mass check for players who excessively used this exploit (and I mean excessively, gaining clear advantage by abusing it), and the decision was made to ban 22 players who used the exploit repeatedly.

As a punishment, these 22 players will be banned for the duration of this week’s challenge as a first warning, then further offences will result in permanent bans.

I imagine there’s going to be some controversy and a lot of questions, possibly about connection issues. We took this into account by checking that the excessive disconnect/reconnects only happen during the challenge missions - basically, it’s very easy to tell if the reason is a connection issue.

This decision is final and not up for discussion. If you have questions about this, please PM me, otherwise threads about this will be closed.

Meanwhile, we will continue to closely monitor the situation.

Nation Wars results will be adjusted by @buchizombiebreath

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