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Hello everyone... I have a new arrival in my guild, who told me she lost her account when migrating from a phone with Android, to one with IOs... is it possible...?


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    @JimiFaith if your new guild mate has both devices it's easy to link the account.

    Device Linking

    Device linking with Android and iOS
    Do you want to change devices and keep playing your game? You can!

    Here are instructions on how you can link your game between Android and iOS devices:
    In camp, click on the "Settings" button. It is in the top right corner.
    Click "Link device" button.
    Select "This is the old device".
    Leave the old device open, and go to your other device.
    On your other device, go to in camp and in the "Settings".
    Select "This is the new device".
    Enter the code from your old device, the one you received when clicking on "This is the old device".
    You will be asked to replace the current camp, click "Ok".
    You should receive a notification that the linking was successful; tap "Ok".
    Note that you can only play on one device at a time.

    If you get an expiration message instead of the code, set the clock on your device a few minutes earlier.

    Now you can continue to fight the walker hordes!
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