NAMELESS! is looking for you! Three spots are now open!

AbrykAbryk Member Posts: 107

Rules: 250 stars for Elder, 200 to keep (1 free pass). Ban vote if: 0 stars for 2 challenges or <20 stars for 3 weeks without reason. Prefer lvl 25+ and participation in Guild Wars.

We have low minimums, but if people don’t play, they get purged by an Elder vote.
So everyone is active (most pull around 250-1000 stars weekly).

This guild has been around for the last 2 years and I’ve been leader for the last 1 1/2.
A majority of the guild are players in the 60s and 70s and consistently go well beyond their quotas.
We do not have any drama, and we do not require you to use LINE or something similar.

If interested, PM me here to talk further, search for “We’re NAMELESS!” in the game, or hit the link (must not already be part of a guild for this to work):

Please join my group in The Walking Dead: No Man's Land! Click here to join:


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