I didn’t fall for 9A fragments of the hero Sasha in more than one passage of this mission

PPLPPL Member Posts: 1
Dear game administrators.
I have a problem.
I went through 9A and Sasha didn’t fall to the last level and just didn’t fall to me, but with the help of the walkie-talkie I was able to open it and in the past seasons they gave heroes fragments for each turn and then again. It’s not enough to open it.

I hope for emergency help


  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 312
    Hey @PPL ,

    Just to clarify, you get 30 Sasha Tokens for completing the 5 trial missions of Episode 3 in Season 9A this week. Have you done this? If so, can you give me your in-game name and guild name?

    Also, please submit a ticket about this.
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