Want to find out how components used in crafting badges impact set, shape, effect, bonus and level?

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I have crafted 83 badges and organized them in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12upknGvg82r2xPR25yQlc_asumNsW1YlUPScR6YajVo/edit?usp=sharing
I have registered which component I use in what order and the exact result. I have tried to limit my recipes as there are potentially 256 different recipes, so that I can see if my most used recipes has any differences.
I want to know if components influence: set, shape, effect, bonus and level.

As you can see if you open the spreadsheet I get differences in set, shape, effect and badge level. But is that just because of my small sample size? To know for sure I need more data so if anyone wants to participate in this study please either make your own google spreadsheet or copy mine and fill it with your own data and share it in this thread. I recommend sticking to a couple of recipes as that will make it easier to see patterns. The more you can craft of each recipe the better.

I have created this discord channel for those that wants to discuss these results as it can be easier than doing so in a forum. And for discussions of any other aspect of the game:

Here is a small sample of the data, to show what can be achieved:
CC %1334
CD %3053
Dam %2143
Dam Res %2249
Health %2250


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    if it's ok with you, I'll add your results to mine to get a more complete dataset
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    Sure, feel free to use my data!

    It's great to see that others share the same interest in finding some patterns here, I see that you have not separated % and hard value on Critical Damage, Damage and Health into different categories. As % is better than hard value at higher levels I think its interesting to hold them apart.

    Do you have your raw data? Did you collect set, shape and bonus condition? I have tried to go out as broad as possible to find all kind of patterns.
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    I do have them separated, but in a different table. My assumption was always that the recipe only affects what effect you get of the badge (i.e. CC, DR, Dmg, CD or Health) and all the other badge elements (% or fixed damage, direction, type, bonus etc) are not dependant on the recipe.

    So in other words, how I believe the process works
    1. Based on the recipe, see what the trait of the badge is
    2. Based on the percentages shown on the crafting screen, see if you get an upgrade to the badge level
    3. Distribute badge attributes based on hard-coded percentages based on the badge trait

    For example
    - the direction of the badge is random
    - the type (A-E) of the badge is random
    - 70% of badges get a % effect and 30% a fixed effect
    - 75% of badges have a bonus requirement while 25% don't have a bonus (and instead 10% better base value)

    I will craft some 100 badges probably next week when I get my Craftsman upgraded so will post updated results then
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    Cool. Do you know exactly what the Craftsman does? All I know is that you get better badges and it is a while before I can upgrade it.

    I think the first priority is to get enough samples. Right now it's difficult to say anything for sure because our sample is so small. It might take some time to get to a sample size where we can be more confident, that's why I hope more people will find interest in this project and collect data.

    I found this dice roll simulator: https://www.geogebra.org/m/UsoH4eNl where you can simulate 100 dice rolls or 1000, and it visualize how great the randomness involved can be even when we craft 100 badges with the same recipe. Maybe we should aim to craft 1000 badges with each recipe.

    A recipe I am considering testing is 4xMetal, because I see that NG sells 12 metal and 3 badge frags as a pack. That might be a hint. Do you know if they have had packs like that with other content in the past?
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