Endless Mode - New game mode as Scavenge alternative

I propose two types of Endless Mode maps:

Type 1: An endless march of spawning walkers. Their levels increase gradually, and special walkers are mixed in - including spiked and metalheads. No crates to open. Just kill as many walkers as you can. You get normal XP from killing walkers, plus an additional supply or XP reward based on how many you kill total.

Type 2: Open endless crates. There are 6(?) crates on the map, but only one is active at a time. When that crate is opened, another crate randomly becomes active. The goal is to open as many crates as possible. You get normal XP from killing walkers, plus an additional supply or XP reward based on how many you crates you open.

I see this mode being an alternative to Scavenge since you can gain supplies and XP, as well as a challenging new mode that can be added to the leaderboards.

If NG wants to be evil, they can program the modes so that if your survivors die you lose your kill / crate count and get no bonus rewards. Maybe special events could be held and xp/supply rewards be replaced with tokens or radios or trade goods.

(Just trying to come up with something new to do that hopefully wouldn't take a lot of NG resources. I'm getting bored with Distance and Challenge, Outpost has always been boring, and Scavenge is just a necessary grind.)


  • magicmagic Member Posts: 5
    I like your suggestion! It would be great with a more challenging grind than scavenger. Something harder with better rewards.
  • GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 62
    There are a couple of Scavenge maps I play as a sort of endless mode occasionally. Takes a long time and the rewards aren't great, but breaks up the grind.

    @Fluxxx Any chance of something like this happening?
  • scoonersscooners Member Posts: 25
    I'd hit that.
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 200
    Cool ideas! We've informally discussed some things that are similar to this, but it's hanging in the air for now with everything else that's going on. So to answer your question @Grendel , is there a chance? Definitely maybe 😅
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