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At this time, at level 59, it's almost impossible to play this without frustration.

• You got to wait to long for your survivors to heal at the hospital. And you have to wait to upgrade that hospital like forever.
• Almost everything is just a long wait. You wait for the surviver to heal, to train it for over 12 hours. Come on ! This is ridicules. It's all about you wants my money. Like all mobile games . But I rather spend my money on food , than to make the owner of this game more Rich.
• If you don't want the players to get tired of this game, stop this waiting and longing after my money.
I understand that the games producer and AMC need money (But, hey, AMC isn't poor, they milking everything out of this show!)
But in some point in this game you're not abel to play it anymore, because of this waiting that's there only there because of the money and that's to bad !

You destroying this game. No one wants to pay if you're not Rich yourself and can throw all your money to the lake.

And I'm not going to change my mind. I did spend some money at gold and regret it so much that I just going to end this game. 😱This isn't any fun anymore. I'm a single mom and have more important things spend my money on.

I won't wait one single second anymore . If you're smart, you listening at the fans of this game. But money talks, right?


  • ShayHaShayHa Member Posts: 302
    I understand you and I'm also didn't spend a cent on this game yet.
    I play for fun, pass some of my time, the wait is long and the farm is longer, I'm playing almost 2.5 years and still didn't max level my survivor, not talking about my weapons (if its not an event weapon I got such weapons).
    I agree with developers being greedy as hell with the pricing of things but as long as people keep buy, they win.
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    Welcome to our world
  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 558
    Honestly, the wait is a bit nuts I'll agree. I'm at level 60 and my weapons take 20 hours to upgrade one level. Wait times get increasingly ridiculous the higher level you become, it used to be a pain but I realise it is the nature of the beast. I do feel that prices could be adjusted to appeal to a wider demographic, however I believe NG has a bigger focus on immediate income than sustainable growth, at least it seems to be presented in that manner.
    The problem is, there is no clear market rival to this game, with similar enough appeal or mechanics, therefore NG don't feel the need to drop prices.
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