Closed gate

XaxenXaxen Member Posts: 3
Should this be possible.


  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 272
    LOL! Sorry for your pain; but that's funny to see!

    As for "should"? Dunno. It's illogical that the Z keeps his grip when the gate slams shut... but then again, it's illogical that the Z stays alive without blood, respiration, etc.

    That said... it WOULD be cool to see the gate break a struggle! :grin:
    Or maybe shift BOTH the Z and the struggling S into the squares at the closing end of the gate's path, as if they both got dragged there and now the Z is holding on with arms almost crushed by the gate edge. :lol:

    But that's a lot of coding for a super-rare corner case, I imagine.
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