Allow further upgrades to Rufus' default weapon

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The Reckonin' with Varmint Blast.

It's one of the best weapons, yet we can't upgrade it past level 6, though Rufus himself can be trained way past that. I honestly don't like him using any other weapon because the Reckonin' is so great! Please allow further upgrades to Fear the Walking Dead character, Rufus' default weapon.


  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,400
    @michonnegurira technically you can now use your reinforcement tokens to upgrade the reckonin as much as you like!
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 299
    Holy capitalism, Batman, someone's been spending some cash!
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    @Firekid that's incorrect, you can only reinforce epic and legendary gear.
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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,400
    @Dbl_Edge_DEP thanks for the clarification I had forgotten about that! :+1:
  • SnackelmSnackelm Member Posts: 20
    J'avais pensé vau Survivaliste, tout comme Rufus, il Jette ou pose un engin explosif ! À n'utiliser qu'une seule fois quand on est en Grand danger de mort !
    Cet Avatar de déplace partout incognito car il est recouvert de sang de Zombie, et quand on enclenché sa Furie (🌟 verte ), il faut tout exploser, soit en jetant une grenade, soit en déposant et en revenant sur ses pas, puis le coup d'après ça explose !
  • WolfyWolfWolfyWolf Member Posts: 33
    Give him Eugene’s Pickle Jar! It’s a lot better then the reckoning in that it’s silent like the Winter Bow and can stun walkers with its charge point rather then set them on fire which is a risky move unless you know what you’re doing.

    He seems to like it also, he’s always stealing a swag of pickle juice every now and again! :P
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