Aussie Diggaz

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Long team member left recently so we have a space open.

Don't let the team name put you off if you're not from Australia, I'm not, quite a few of us aren't. Very friendly guild and we come 2nd in Australia every week, and between 10-15th in UK.

It's 500 min a week and 700 to retain Elder status which most do. (I think everyone is 68+ so it'll be down to our leader who's allowed in.)

Our top player hits 1650/1700, then we've another 4/5 that regularly get over 1200 but all we ask is the 500 minimum. Tip sharing is encouraged and you will be free to talk about whatever you want, again it's a very friendly guild and quite a talkative one.

So if it sounds good to you and you're hunting alone out there, send a request! (They normally get filled fast.)

Cheers and good luck!

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