How do I effectively use Huntsman Daryl?

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I’ve learned in the distance he can run past heavy walkers on those maps where you just want to make a break for the gate and not really kill the heavy. I don’t understand how he attacks by running past the target though. I just send him right for the target and he kills it, so I must be missing the finner points of this hero. Tips???


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    It's hard to explain without showing you. You have to gauge distance. The point is to be close enough so you can move past the target and not lose your turn. Make sure his range does not turn blue before you make your move. He will run by and attack. His turn will not be ended and then you can run back to where you were and he will attack them again. So, two attacks in one turn.
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    Or if you just want to run past it, to the exit for example, just move as if you wanted to reach the exit and ignore everything in the path.

    He will then run past whatever there is and if it's in the direct path, he will attack the first walker he encounters (and ignore all others - and they will ignore him).
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    Additional note: Spear and Bayonet can mess up the move-by, I've noticed.

    Because of their two-space range, he isn't counted as completely 'past' the walker he's moving by until the weapon is at max range to still be able to 'hit back'. I've definitely gotten myself in binds when forgetting that nuance.

    Psychwolf is right about the double-hit trick. Further, you can just attack after the move by--you needn't try to run back again--and thereby retain the first move's position (e.g., on way to exit or objective).

    It gets REALLY great with gold arc warrior or Hockey Stick/Morgan Staff bruisers being lead by HDaryl. :grin:
    I've used Michonne to kill upwards of six/seven Zs in one turn, with the right 'dance moves'.

    Finally, my Guild Wars strategy all-but requires HDaryl in lead: Haul ass to exit, to get as many missions done as possible in the 50 minutes. [Too bad that's basically a non-thing, now!]
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