Are the Unlockable Story Characters re-obtainable once lost?

SilentResidentSilentResident Member Posts: 8
Hi. I was wondering - if you kick/remove Story Characters such as Anne of Terminus from your camp, can they later be found through the Radio and re-added back to your camp? As a new player, I wasn't sure how the character slot system worked, and made a hasty decision to kick them from my camp, and now I am missing them even though I got better/stronger ones for my missions.

I guess I could simply reset the game and abandon my current playthrough to start over again and get these lost story characters back, but I cant really do that, as I have spent real money on bundles. So I was wondering if are the Story characters re-obtainable through the Radio...


  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 404
    @SilentResident I left mine behind a long time ago. U'll get better characters later on in the radio calls. And u can rename all of ur characters except for the heroes. Several of my guild mates have named their characters after other guildmates just for fun.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,411

    I had to restart once. It was the WORST lol

    These OG characters are the WORST. 😂I was super happy to get my account back and have zero regrets of booting all the story characters and originals.
  • SilentResidentSilentResident Member Posts: 8
    OK thanks people :-)
  • johnacudajohnacuda Member Posts: 96
    I think i have see the faces a few times you could always rename....
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 883
    Yeah unfortunately if you kick a story character out, they're gone. In fact, any survivor that you kick out will be gone for good as we don't have tools to restore survivors.
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