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    WellyLuga said:

    Crocodile said:

    If set normal weapon (not upgraded) same result on GW map, and you piss and moan more

    Who's moaning? It was broken and it was fixed.

    Here's an image of the players who have spent hundreds and hundreds of reinforcement tokens taking advantage of an error in a beta when they read the patch notes...

    @WellyLuga sure you haven’t got your best badges using badge cycles. Why don’t you ask NG to fix this loophole//exploit?

    Perhaps are you still using it?

    Low level survivors with high level weapons had to be fixed, but not the way they did.

    The man in your video is me, but with tears flowing down my face since I read the patch notes.
    I'm pretty sure that the badge cycles were what NG put in the game that the player base figured out. But okay... :lol:
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    @Erik_war_Z that comment is ridiculous. Badge cycles are part of the game. It took tremendous work to find out. I use it I guess NG better take all my badges away. Airplane mode was a whole other deal but not badge cycles. @WellyLuga. I wonder if @Erik_war_Z knows about how if a walker is at an equal distance to your survivors it will always go after then one in lead spot. Is that cheating to.
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    @Waylayer you do realise the unlimited battle thing was just because it was broken glitch wars? Before they broke it you had 3 battles a weekend and about 50 attacks to use between those 3 battles unless you spent big bucks buying more was a pain in the ass and completely pay to win.
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    @rogueDS I know my English language skills are not good enough and for this reason I suppose you did not understand me. Everyone at the game knows that you can reinforce your equipment without limits up to the max level, but not everyone knows that you can get just the badge you want only knowing the cycle and the position in the Badge cycle you are. For me neither of them are cheating. And please don’t compare Badge cycling with walker targeting mechanics, here you are confusing apples with pears (translator).

    Ridiculous is that the game decides the difficulty of GW using only the level of the max reinforced weapon/ armor you have and can equip (only one but not the avg. of your best 3) and do not take into account at the same time the level of your best survivors (look the link at my last comment to better understand).

    Apart from that, reinforce weapon/armors more than 3 lvl. higher than your max.survivor level is currently allowed, but NG punish low/medium level players in GW for do something that, as you say, is part of the game.

    For Maxed players it is a problem that you don’t care but for me with some 21 lvl. suvivors it is a huge one because they consider my GW level is 24 and I can do nothing at GW to help my Guild.

    A bit more solidarity and empathy please.
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    I get what you are saying. I wish u would of said all this later. Your previous comment sounded and seemed like saying using a badge sheet is cheating and an exploit. Even with that shit you still might not get the right position or shape. I have some 22 DR I cant use because dont match anything.
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    To be consistent and bring the matter to its logical end, and not listen to idiots and whiners, it was necessary before introducing such a ridiculous selection on the Gw, to craft any icons according to the formulas, and only after that cut off the donut flow, every day I go to the Gw the position of people to leave the game, if this happens in the top ru alliance, then what happens in ordinary guilds ...
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    Facts :
    joined forums November 2016.

    May 2020 : has level 21 survivors.

    No further discussion
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  • > @Karajoca said:
    > @Erik_war_Z
    > Facts :
    > joined forums November 2016.
    > May 2020 : has level 21 survivors.
    > No further discussion

    So arrogantly
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