1 Rare Opening in the Top 50 Freak House (We do 18k to 21k a week & ALL are active!)

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1 space filled! One opening still available! We are a Single ACTIVE twisted family Teaching guild that does 18k to 21k stars weekly. A top 50 home! (17 players at level 69 and higher = 14 of those are level 71 & higher)!

Stars: Level 68 and above! 10 times your level. Thats what ACTIVE is! We ask to make/push past your min & communicate when you will be away. We understand life first! 1 week trial to see if we are right for eachother. We are a STAR guild FIRST. Wars are secondary. We have our own group page!

Message Me and lets talk!

Good luck to all & JSS

KAZ-18 people finished strong! 16 above 900, 13 of those above 1k!
Killing Walkers in the guild Freaky Nudist
Min 10 xs level (Status Full)
Open Info Page For All Players In NML


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