GutsAndGlory wants you! Now recruiting, 2 guilds.

We have 3 spots open in a friendly, competitive environment.
800 stars minimum. Please send me a pm here, or on the Line app at yodadagobah.

There are also openings in GutsAndGlory II, for up and coming players.

JediMasterYoda, self-deposed leader, GutsAndGlory


  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 398
    I played with the main G&G guild for a short time, but was able to break my PB and was helped by experienced and knowledgeable players of the game. A mix of characters who I enjoyed playing alongside.
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    Catch me on LINE app - Line ID: dbledgedep
  • hendryhendry Member Posts: 6
    This is a great guild that is looking for a couple of hungry players that want to grow and learn from some very experienced and active players. We have an 800 star minimum in the main guild so low enough for up and coming players and enough high scorers to keep it competitive for end gamers. Reach out to me on Line at Line ID hendry1859 or our leader JediMasterYoda at Line ID yodadagobah.
  • Dc74Dc74 Member Posts: 1
    edited September 8
    Great vibe in GutsandGlory! My 4th top 50 us guild over the last three years and really enjoying it. We had some retirements over the past few weeks and are still holding on to top 50 US down 2 players. We need you to push us back into top 25!
  • Diego_NMLDiego_NML Member Posts: 1
    Guts & Glory are looking to fill an open spot in our guild. This is the 2nd guild that I have joined and it is without a question the best guild to join. We have fun and everyone gives tips and strategy advice to improve your game. The tips I received have enabled me to reach my personal best scores since I joined. You will be welcomed as soon as you join. You can help to put us back in the top 25 U.S. guilds. Use the Line App to get an invite from me at Line ID diego_945, hendry1859 or JediMasterYoda at Line ID yodadagobah to become a part of a special group.
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