😎😎😎 Original TWD guild (est. 2015) 😎😎😎 NML and TWD guild turns 5 years old! Join us! #TWDguild

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"How many walkers have you killed?
How many people?

Want to join one of the first guilds in NML?
We got the cure! 😎

Click here to join:

Original The Walking Dead Guild (TWD) wasΒ created in 2015 as soon as No Man's Land came out.
We are looking for active and friendly people to join us in the fight against walkers and plunderers!

Join TWD ranks, and let's not just survive but thrive and have fun together!

Click here to join:

Founder and Leader of the original TWD Guild established in 2015.
Join us: cutt.ly/TWD-guild


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