Hoarding Radios

If my goal is to efficiently build towards the ultimate squad for later, is it best to save & use ALL of my radios when one day there is a radio call for the hero I want in my ultimate squad member (e.g. all in on Eugene), or should I spread it between a couple of them (e.g. some on a Eugene day, then wait to spend some more on Sasha/Survivalist Rick/Morgan/RG Glenn) to avoid having one hero too high making scavenge missions too hard?


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,186
    Agree. Get them to legendary 5 star each then focus on promoting further.
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  • johnacudajohnacuda Member Posts: 96
    I was very pleased with the 5 radio guaranteed hero event this weekend.
    I rolled at least 20x and was abl to advance several heroes, including getting Ezekiel to legendary,
    He has been eluding me for months.
  • imnfictionimnfiction Member Posts: 84
    Mid to end I was only buying 3x4 or something like that, when you keep all cards.

    I started saving a few months ago, waiting for some nice big event, like the 4th of July or New Year. I have saved around 1.1k radios, and spent them all today to boost my huntsman Daryl and survivalist Rick.

    Will be saving now again, till the next big event.
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