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NML 3.4 Announcement Video:

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 3.4 Update Notes

📺 Season 10 Missions

Season 10 of The Walking Dead TV show premieres on Sunday the 6th of October. As with every season, we'll release an episode in the game every Monday after Sunday's show. Each in-game episode will be based on a scene or scenario from the show. There will be 8 episodes in total.


New Hero: Alpha

Alpha is a Hunter hero and she unlocks at Epic (4*)

Her leader trait is called
Cold-Blooded :

Alpha’s attacks are X% less likely to result in Body Shots and they are Y% more likely to be Critical Hits. If an attack results in a Body Shot, Alpha may move for half an action point after attacking.

As a leader, this bonus applies to Assaults, Hunters and Shooters.

Note: Lucky affects the Critical chance component of Cold-Blooded, but NOT the Body Shot chance reduction.
Note 2: Stacks with piercing.
Level of Trait Body Shot Reduction % Critical Chance
3 10% 16%
4 15% 18%
5 15% 20%
6 20% 22%
7 20% 24%
8 25% 26%
9 25% 28%
10 30% 30%
Her Other traits are:




Critical Aim (New Trait)


Fall Campaign: Golden Fall

The seasonal campaign for the Fall season is called Golden Fall. It will begin on the 14th of October and it will end on the 11th November. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

The highlight rewards of the campaign will be the Dragon Tongue (warrior weapon) at 2000 tokens, and at 3000 tokens you will unlock Alpha.

Note: There will be no discounted Distance Resets


Master Mission

Starting at council level 12, you will be able to play a Master Mission in every round of the Challenge. It is a higher difficulty mission (+6) that will allow you to skip the entire round. The number of stars that you score on the Master Mission will apply to all of the missions in that round (e.g. if you score 3 stars, you get 18 stars for the round).

The map in the Master Mission will begin with the first map in the challenge, and rotate to the next one every round you pass. The Master Mission will cost double the amount of Gas of a normal challenge missions.

To illustrate:

Let's say the challenge starts at RSL 18 and the maps of the challenge are 1,2,3,4,5,6. The Master Mission of RSL 18.1 (Difficulty 24) will be map 1, then RSL 18.2 (Difficulty 24) will be map 2, etc.
This will be consistent for everyone, meaning the Master Mission map of RSL 18.1 will be the same for all players.

The Master Mission can be replayed AND you can also go back to the normal missions to, for example, score higher on some.

Note that the round pass system still remains.


Badge Management

In the craftsman building, you will be able to filter your badges by:

Status [ All / Equipped / Unequipped ]
Set [ All / A / B / C / D / E ]
Effect [ All / Health / DR / DMG / CC / CD ] (Note: Percentage and flat values are included together)
Rarity [ All / 1* / 2* / 3* / 4* / 5* ]
You can select multiple filters at the same time.

Below the filters there will be a "Reset Filters button" if you have any filter selected.

Note: This is part one of the project to improve badge management. We will also be working on improving badge management from the survivor screen for the next update.


New Status Effect: Root

Rooted target cannot move, but can attack and overwatch. Any Walker type may be rooted.


New Weapons

Buckshot Shotgun (Hunter Weapon)
Special Functionality: Shotgun's attacks are cone-shaped. Attacks towards enemies who are within 2 spaces of you deal +30% additional weapon damage.

Harpoon Gun (Hunter Weapon)
Special Functionality: Charge attack is a critical hit and roots a single target for 1 turn. Requires 2 charge points. Has extra damage, compared to other Hunter weapons.
While rooted, the target cannot move. (Note: Root works on tank and spiked walkers)

Note: Stun effect will override Root Effect, unless the walker is stun resistant,

Dragon's Tongue (Warrior Weapon)
Technically not new I know, but let's roll with it.
Special Functionality: Reaches two spaces away and hits in a cone shaped area. Charge attack is a single attack that hits in a circle around the survivor (Radius = 1 space).

Note: The cone of the Dragon's Tongue has been increased from 60° to 90°

Flaming Crossbow Pistol (Shooter Weapon)
Special Functionality: 45% to ignite targets.
Note: The special functionality applies to the Free Attack as well.


New Traits

Point Blank Shot (Hunter and Shooter Weapon Trait)
Attacks towards enemies within {1/2/3} space(s) of you deal +20/30/40% additional weapon damage.
The increments refer to trait level {Bronze/Silver/Gold}
Note: Works with Overwatch, Retaliate and Revenge.

Critical Aim (Hunter/Shooter Survivor Trait)
Normal attacks have X% chance to stun a target regardless of Body Shots, and Critical Hits have Y% chance to stun a target. The stun lasts for 1 turn.

Note: Works with Overwatch, Revenge, Retaliate and is affected by Lucky.
Level of Trait Normal Attacks Stun Chance Critical Attacks Stun Chance
1 3% 18%
2 4% 21%
3 5% 24%
4 6% 27%
5 7% 30%
6 8% 33%
7 9% 36%
8 10% 39%
9 11% 42%
10 12% 45%


New Walker Type

Has 20% less HP than a normal walker, but the same damage and can move further by 2 spaces (4 in total). The Fast walker has 20% bullet dodge and 10% melee dodge.

It can be recognizable by its skinny torso, tight shorts, hip sneakers, and of course the Fast Walker Icon above its head.


Other changes and improvements

Explosive Barrels

A new type of passive unit. Barrels that explode if you shoot them, hunters and assaults can explode them on overwatch (think grenade walker but static and does not attack). Everyone affected by the explosion of the barrel has a 50% chance to be ignited.


New Settings

60 FPS Mode
No Man's Land will play at 60 FPS by default now. The game will be smoother and more pleasant to the eye, but it may drain a bit more battery so the settings will have a toggle option.

Auto-Cover toggle
You can toggle Auto-Cover on/off. This will be togglable inside a mission as well.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this: Most missions that contain human enemies have spots in which you can take cover to take less damage from ranged weapons. Auto-cover sometimes forces you to take an unfavourable path, which can put you in more danger.


Reroll Tokens rework
To improve player experience with Reroll tokens, we have reworked them so that you cannot get the same two results two rolls in a row on the same survivor (Only if you decide to keep the same trait).

To illustrate:

If you rolled trait A and B on Daryl, the next roll that you do on Daryl (regardless of whether you rolled another survivor's traits in between) will not contain traits A and B. Let's say the second roll on Daryl contains C and D, then Roll 3 on Daryl cannot contain C or D, but it could contain A and/or B.


New Challenge set "Lakeside" with Fast walkers.

Equipment will be upgradable from the survivor screen.

Scrollbars in the game are now draggable for faster inventory and survivor browsing.

Viewing a weapon inside a bundle in the shop will now show you its charge attack, its description and damage.

Added descriptions of the weapons' charge abilities when inspecting them in the workshop.

Gold Crates will no longer contain Rare (3*) equipment.

Warriors have a 100% chance to do a critical attack on the first attack of their charge ability (Chainsaw and Dragon Tongue included).

Charge attack gauge will show above your survivor in combat.

More weapon models are now dropping for each class (vanity change, does not affect weapons itself).

Local Leaderboard bug fix - should no longer be possible to be on several local leaderboards at the same time.

During combat, the game now pauses upon lost connection (airplane mode exploit fix).

Conversion rate between Gold and XP has been rebalanced.

Fixed the bug with Daryl's Leader Trait, where you could activate your charge attack and Prowl through your enemies with 0% body shot chance

Having a booster will no longer affect your post-mission crates. Before, gas would be replaced with XP. Now you can still get gas.

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