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  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,471
    edited October 2019
    I changed my mind. It's NOT a placebo fix and does indeed help reduce the grind.

    Although not necessarily a complete fix for the grind, having Master Missions has made playing a lot healthier in the recent weeks.

    I still think the gas cost should be the same, or maybe just a soft bump in cost (+1 gas, maybe?). Most top players are repeating the master missions as much as possible, burning gold etc. Having a full tank to repeat and burn gold for healing might seen like a good thing for your side, NG.

    Tagging you @Fluxxx so you can see I'm a fabulous person... bwahaha
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,762
    OMG I've burned so much gas trying to 3-star MMs in this challenge (cough, archives, 37 for example) I could have just done the easy missions...


    Way more exciting, the risk/reward is a bit of a rush.

    Even with my failures, still more enjoyable than the Easy Street.

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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,252
    edited October 2019
    Fair play to you! @ATLAS-Z.

    I had enough trouble just getting my double 3* on RSL36 archives. Whenever it was the MM I put my tail between my legs and ran :lol:
  • J_LawJ_Law Member Posts: 280
    I love these MM, I have heard alot wish for 1 level less difficult lol. Cant please everyone! The MM have been so helpful!!
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  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 616
    Mm are the best. I was able to complete mm44 last challenge. Phenonimal job with that NG. I'm okay with the gas cost. Usually I stop MM at around 37 38
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,341
    edited December 2019
    So when we start after 30 with round passes we don’t get the 4K TG reward? Can this be fixed? Also since we playing this high can we get bigger rewards in TGs? Like 2500-4000 again. We earned it. @Fluxxx
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,742
    Lol, I've never paid attention to the TG awards before. I just assume they are correct :joy:
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