Master missions are perfect!



  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,133
    Ok so I’m falling out of love with the mastermode. I like it, it serves a purpose, it’s 7 rounds I don’t need to do. However I would much much much prefer the master stage as it was originally pitched. That each map you complete reduces the difficulty by 1 which means I could skip 7 rounds do 1 map skip another round. Do two maps. Skip another round then probably looking at doing 3-4 maps and skipping it. Then onto completing all maps as per normal. Until the easy map comes up and the clear the whole lot in one again.
  • GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 190
    At +6 you have to do roughly 6x12=72 maps before the challenge becomes challenging (which to me means you have some difficulty getting 3 stars).
    At +5 it drops to roughly 60 non-challenging maps.
    At +4 it drops to roughly 48 non-challenging maps.
    At +3 it drops to roughly 36 non-challenging maps.

    I don't understand why anyone believes playing 36 non-challenging maps to get to the harder maps is using master missions to skip the whole challenge. At +3 there is still a decent grind, and then lots of time (and hopefully gas) to hit the higher levels harder.
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