Re-roll traits on weapons/armour

All the improvements and added extras you guys have done to improve the game and keep us interested and they have been great changes too,for me the 2 of the things that really stick out is the reinforcement tokens for weapons/armour and re-roll trait tokens for survivors but the big 1 you guys are missing out on which would be awesome and everyone would love to see introduced into the game is to do re-roll trait tokens for weapons and armour.that would be amazin then. all the time you get weapons hoping and praying they have the best traits you want when If they did the trait swap on them you could then customize your favourite weapons and armour for which ever 1s you feel are missing on yours to make them the best they can be in the eyes of each individual depending on there own preferences.


  • psychwolfpsychwolf Member Posts: 1,204
    edited September 25
    I sure could use a scout weapon with gold piercing, destructive and silver lethal ;)

    Edit: Gold razor. This master stage got me shook.
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