Hi @Fluxxx hopefully you can help me I've challenged the one 19.99 payment on my paypal account and left the second one than went through fine alone.basically I clicked on the bundle made payment but before everything you've purchased starts showing up item after item I came out of the app by mistake then when I went back in the bundle was still in the shop I had none of the items but yet Google payments had taken the 19.99 for it?? I did it the second time and it went through fine but atm it means I've paid just under £40 for a bundle that's worth just under £20! I'm not impressed with that. BakersDirtyDozen is my user in the game. Like I said at the start I've challenged the 1st payment through my paypal just hope theres maybe something you can do your end to push that through? Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks
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