This is what I miss in the badge system

magicmagic Member Posts: 68
edited September 28 in Suggestions & Ideas
  • Be able to create a full 6 badge set with 6 badges, and place them on a survivor in one click. Be able to see all your full sets, name them and see their total bonuses.
  • Right now equipped badges are sorted on top and unequipped at the bottom. I want to be able to sort after bonus before equipped/unequipped.
  • The same sorting options when selecting badge on a survivor which now are in the craftsman, and able to select badges which are equipped on other survivors too. The best is probably an on/off toggle to show equipped badges or not.
  • Possible to filter on bonus condition.
  • I would chance the sentence: "Badge shapes and conditions are equally likely to appear" to "Different set types, slot types and conditions are equally likely to appear", since set and slot are the words used in the sorting system. If that is what is meant by shapes.
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