Can't launch game in Samsung Secure Folder

iBolskiiBolski Member Posts: 118
I have a Samsung S7. I used to be able to launch the game in Samsung's Secure Folder. After the last couple of updates, when I attempt to launch the game in Secure Folder, it hangs at the splash screen. The loading progress bar doesn't show up at all. I've let it sit for over an hour and it never shows any progress that it's loading.

If I launch the game outside of Secure Folder, it launches without any issues. This used to work in Secure Folder (and my phone's software as well as NML are up-to-date as of 10/4/2019).

I've uninstalled the game, cleared cache and data, and it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?

In-Game Username: Bolski
Guild: Glorious Undead (Leader)
[email protected]

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