New weapons/wests and bundles in the shop


For weeks/months now we have the same useless weapon bundles in the shop. For example Daryl‘s west with anti stun in silver, IS and ruthless in gold. 2 of these 3 Traits are totally useless in my opinion. Why not changing these traits from time to time, so that players can find their perfect west. Mine would be for example dodge in silver, hazard suit and ruthless in gold.
Same thing for bruisers and assaults. Is really anybody still buying the west with anti stun, HP and hazard suit for bruisers? I am sure you could sell much more of a west with HP, dodge and hazard suit or anti stun, dodge and hazard suit. Or since a lot of players try to reroll IS it would be interesting to have IS, dodge and hazard suit.
For assaults it is also strange to me, that all wests are made for offensive assaults but none for defensive. I would immediately buy a west with dodge in silver, IS and Hazard suit in gold.

The next thing is badges. I have lots of golden fragments, but nearly no components. Why not creating a bundle just with components?

Am I the only one who is looking for stuff like that above?

Would be great to get some feedback from the community and of course also from NG.



  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 620
    The absolutely could be giving more variety, maybe even create a tab for quick fire bundles that change every 8 hours or such, get them while you can. This way they could rotate a ton of stuff that might not have huge appeal to everyone but will offer specialty items to people looking for it. And since they change frequently they probably will end up selling more than they would otherwise.
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  • scoonersscooners Member Posts: 63
    I'll second @Jens_KF, Lots of legendary fragments - 0 comonents. Would sure like to use them. At the moment I have 8 Fragments.
  • Jens_KFJens_KF Member Posts: 3
    @scooners I have also 9 legendary fragments and no components for it. That really annoys me. 😏
  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 881
    @Jens_KF I totally agree with you, just one thing, hazard suit isn't an option on ranged armour (should be @Fluxxx) so if assault armour was available with silver stun and gold dodge and iron skin that would be good.
  • Jens_KFJens_KF Member Posts: 3
    @Fluxxx Today again there is the package with anti stun/HP/HS Armor. I think that everybody who wants that bought it already. Why not doing new armors, like with HP silver, dodge and hs gold. I would buy that for my bruisers for sure.

    Or lots of people are rerolling iron skin and need Iron skin in the vest. Why not selling vests with IS, dodge and HS or IS, anti stun and HS.

    I am sure you would sell more of these, then of the old ones. Also the assault vests in the shop are useless. No one needs ruthless on an assault vest. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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