Up yours, too, NG

So I go into master mission on 38.1, roadrunner at 43, feeling good. Opens up, feeling better, good spacing like every time I've ever done this mission. 3rd move, charge finishes off an armored and kills a reg. Second charge kills a reg, oh darn, but the armored lives, 3rd scout not charged, struggle. Next move I kill it then go on to kill the lvl 42 fatty in defensive mode. Post mission I see I forgot to swich a scout to ruthless, my bad.

Try again and everything is a 43 instead of the mix of 43 and 43, 5 angry as hell and within 2 moves of me, 2 of the angry are armored at nearly 200k and one is the fatty at 333k, plus the regs at 67k. I was dead when I pushed go but tried anyway. Stupid me gives it one more go and it's almost a carbon copy of the one before. 1st mission 3 were angry at the start 2 were regs I could take a step up and overwatch, the angry armored was behind the concrete, time to get ready. 2nd and 3rd all of the angry are way past the concrete. Wtf...

I dont want things handed to me but this is fucking ridiculous. The increased degree in difficulty from 1st try to 2nd try is inexcusable. I dont even think I could have beat it if my scouts stayed charged. You assbags wonder why people leave the game? Maybe it's because you do this kind of bullshit.

Nothing in this game is random. The probability that the 2nd and 3rd initial spawns would be nearly identical is so infinitesimal it boggles my mind it happened to me until I remember where I am. I noticed you didnt restore actual randomness to reward crates once you countered the cheat. That's because you realized how easy it was to screw your bread and butter and make them spend gold to see what's behind door number 3. What you call random appears to be randomly selecting from a universe of outcomes designed to assign a disproportionate percentage, well over 40, to the 3rd selection. Pretty sure you are violating terms of service for Google play and I store but whatevs. I've rolled countless triples on special double hero calls because you count all 3 in your stats but I've never gotten one in a 40 call...curious.

Not that it will do anything, but I'm giving a heads up to @Fluxxx. He wouldnt answer a question so simple as will there be any reduced cost distance repeats during the upcoming fall campaign, asked twice. Boy did you ever come to the right employer. Was gonna buy the big fat Daryl phone bundle but, well, you know the rest. Closer and closer to total free player.


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    I have noticed on normal road runner mission you get 1 or 2 start aggressive but on master mission all but 2 start aggressive
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    "The grind has been fixed" bwahahah
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    Fluxxx said:

    Think of it this way: For any given map, each walker has an area in which they spawn, on some maps 2+ walkers may share the same area. It's unlucky to have an unfavorable setup of walkers like that, but then again if you've had good setups so many times before, imagine if the odds were reversed.
    I'm not going to debate about whether it should be like that or not because that's how these maps were designed and it's very time-consuming to rework these maps (I've asked) + don't know what it would do to the challenge balance.

    All I can say is that yes it does suck when it happens, but it feels pretty good when it's the other way around.

    As for the Fall campaign question, I did specify in that thread that I wouldn't be answering questions related to the seasonal campaign. We will release the relevant info when it's time and everything is fully finalized.

    Give 'em hell @Fluxxx
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