What are the new weapons useful for?

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Hi everybody.... As most of you i also have a harpoon rifle... this is one of NGs try to close the gap between melee and ranged weapons. Honestly i think the harpoon gun is a dead end because of the folowing reasons:
1. It could have been useful in a map like BBC, but it istnt because the harpoon must first be charged up
2. Maps like the compound same problem. In low level you can kill the tanks wit a normal shot anyway. On more difficult levels you dont have the time to charge up because the walkers are too close anyway
3. On normal maps melee are better anyway.
All in all same problem like the RPG... too much charge up time.
Here my suggestion:
Turn around the function. Make it an ordinary shot to a harpoon shot. When charged up make it a wide ankle shot... tha would be a better help


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    Not bought the new weapons and don't intend to. From the sound of it, the harpoon is very situational and will help most with limited flexibility. I don't think it's designed for the maps you mentioned. It would probablt benefit users on larger maps with one or two special walkers like double trouble.
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    Your right the weapon is situational and a novelty item in my opinion. Best when you have open range

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