Autoleveling of heroes

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I would suggest that each time you upgrade the training center, all heroes are automatically upgraded without the need of paying experiences. Or that the cost of levelling them are reduced significantly.

This is the reasons:
Right now you should unlock as few heroes as you can, because they will only cost a lot of xp to upgrade later, and if you don't unlock them then you can unlock them at a higher level without paying xp to upgrade them.
When leveling you need most of your xp on your heroes, so you can only afford to level one or two equipments for every level. You won't be able to try out equipment with different traits, you have to read on the forums about which equipments are best, and then level those. And for most of your hero you will use equipment which are one or two level below max. You might level a couple of more equipments, but then you can't afford to level any survivors.
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