Endgame Huntsman Daryl and Survivalist Rick


question to the high end gamers who are using SR, HD and bruiser combo.

Do you re-roll any traits on SR or HD?
If yes, why. )


Best Answers

  • psychwolfpsychwolf Posts: 1,340
    Accepted Answer
    Stabby Rick is perfect.
    Some people like to reroll HD all offensively. Iron skin and retaliate to power strike and strong. Follow through and vigilant are also acceptable. Mainly because at high RSL, scouts get in an instant struggle. Badge them all damage and crit damage.
  • BillbamBillbam Posts: 619
    Accepted Answer
    I agree SR is perfect. HD I definitely wanted power strike and went with strong although vigilant might not be bad if you do a lot of fade and poke
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