Equipment Traits

Ok, we know it's very hard to find legendary equipment in mission rewards. Most of the time, when we found it, traits are terrible. My suggestion is to be allowed to "buy" (using tomatoes or XP) traits we wanted. For example, the first trait costs 3k xp, the second 5k and the last one 8k. Let us choose which ones we wanted! It's a fair trade. It's disappointing to receive weapons with Interruptor and Silenced for example, traits we know in high levels will not work.


  • Infinite_M0nkeyInfinite_M0nkey Member Posts: 64
    Yep. We should be able to reroll kit traits just the same as hero traits.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,072
    I have a feeling we may all be looking for gold silent trait trait in a few months when alpha is upto speed...
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 524
    While I do think this would be a big plus to player experience, we won't implement this feature because it'd make acquiring unicorn equipment fast. Heroes are a different story, because each hero is one of a kind due to their leader traits, and survivors do take much more time and investment to max out, whereas equipment drops on a daily basis and is available in the TG shop - which is affordable by just playing.
  • reekookrreekookr Member Posts: 127
    Pay to win weapons are not aquired fast? With a few clicks you can buy the best weapons out there, wheres the fun in that?
    Refusing to support pay to win games.
    Strategy game where the best strategy is to buy shortcuts with real money
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