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Hiya I'm just looking to hear your opinions. As the leader of a guild I am given the option of "advertising" for new members at a small cost. Do you think its worth the gold or should I just recruit via therecruitment thread.


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,960
    The problem with the in-game ads is you don't really have any control over who joins. Plus they cost you in game resources which isn't really what you need. The forums are really good but there are so many guild families and guilds recruiting plus I am sure there are more players not using the forums than those that are.

    I think there is a Facebook page where you can advertise your guild. If you're serious about growing a guild then I would suggest you don't pick one or the other, the more places you advertise the more successful you are likely to be.
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    Yep ^ what he said.
    Setting your guild to open when you need players helps, I've been lucky with a couple of players that joined and do 1k+ regularly.
    Advertising on Facebook, there's walking dead no man's land(13k followers)wdnml join a guild (5.2k) and the ng walking dead no man's land page (450k) to put ads in. There's a lot of competition (including me) but you can get results too. Good luck with your recruiting!
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    I agree, all for a sense of humor!
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    Thanks MFjigsaw & RWS,
    certainly something to think about & the Dunkin Doughnuts pic gave me a good chuckle, cheers
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    I have a pretty good method...

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