Reroll tokens f****** problem

AssensyAssensy Member Posts: 23
When I upgraded Sasha, I accidentally clicked where I shouldn't (even without being asked if I wanted or didn't want) and now the game wants to choose a new trait or lose 50% (500) of the collected tokens for Sasha. To me, this is absurd. I want you to get the situation back before it happens. I don't even know what to replace.


  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 161
    You won't lose 50% of the 500 sasha tokens you collected, only 50% of the tokens for the reroll. For example, if the trait was level 4, you will lose 75 hero tokens because it costs 150 hero tokens and 50 reroll tokens. If it was level 5, you'd lose 100. I'd be more concerned with the reroll tokens, as those are much rarer.
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