Re-Rolls for punish on Bruisers!! More chance to win the lottery than get punish!!

@Fluxxx I've wasted roughly 250 Re-roll trait tokens on trying to get Punish for my favourite bruiser because I read about not getting the same options the next time so I thought by process of elimination eventually I would get punish because everything else that could come up would have already been an option but I've had strong up twice and vigilant twice outa the 6 trys and I still haven't had punish come up!


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    @Baksdirtydozen thats not how it works...

    Reroll Tokens rework. To improve player experience with Reroll tokens, we have reworked them so that you cannot get the same two results two rolls in a row (for the same trait).
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,058
    Yes, so it's only the traits of your previous roll that aren't included in the pool (if you chose to keep your original trait during that roll)

    So if Roll 1 gives you trait A and B, but you decide to keep the original then Roll 2 for that same trait cannot contain A or B - let's say in Roll 2 you got C and D but still kept the original trait.
    Roll 3 for that same trait will exclude traits C and D out of the pool, but A and B are now possible outcomes.
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    @Baksdirtydozen , looks like we're in same situation...I've keep rerolling for punish and it just doesn't seem to wanna pop up. I know it's a gamble and I've did a quick search and found a thread by @Grendel that has percentage break downs and that's cool! But my specific question for @fluxxx is the percentages for each trait in the pool...are they all equal chances for each trait? I understand that u can't get same 2 traits offered but really, it doesn't seem like punish has the same probability as the other traits just from my experience. For me, the reroll tokens lost their appeal a long time ago. Because realistically, u could reroll 50 more times and still never get punish if that's what ur looking for.
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,058
    The experience may very since but you get 2 out of 5-8 traits or so usually, but all traits have equal chance to appear
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