Proposal: Weekly Quests


I'd like to summarize three issues affecting the game and propose an enhancement to deal with them.

Issue #1. There is player demand for certain types of events which are not part of NG's normal rotation. Your reluctance to give out certain game bonuses too readily to the entire player base for reasons of game balance or the bottom line, is understandable.

Issue #2. Different parts of the player base desire different rewards, and having a limited number of events, make it impossible to please everyone.

Issue #3. Some advanced players feel that Tuesday is a "wasted" day not featuring an activity to contribute towards their gameplay later in the week.

What I'm proposing is a system of Weekly Quests.

The goals for each of the Weekly Quests may be similar to existing Daily Quests, at a higher level. Around 5x to 10x the daily quest requirement would be a good start, with a higher number for rewards you wish to make suitably difficult to obtain.

Some of the quests SHOULD have high requirements, so players don't blast through all of them on Monday.

Working on a Weekly Quest on any day of the week, will contribute towards gameplay later in the week, thus giving purpose to the entire week.

Each quest earns an event-like bonus which only last til the end of the week. These would be the kind of bonuses that you don't want to simply hand out frequently to too many players. e.g. double tomatoes, faster building upgrades, an extra Distance reset, reduced badge removal cost, slightly better drop rates, slightly better radio call chances, an extra star for each challenge round, etc.

Progress for Weekly Quests should not use the notification pop-out that accompany Daily Quests.
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