Make Herd Events Great Again!

Sorry for the dramatic title lol (no political preference is implied)

(@Fluxxx I want to thank @ATLAS-Z for advice in developing this idea)

Problem: Herd events and Jackpot events are lacking in rewards that make them worthwhile. They're so unloved that there are calls to scrap them.

With class tokens, NG have established the principle of having a small extra reward for specific events. I'd like to suggest an extension of that premise.

Extra tokens could be set to drop during herd/jackpot events that give a range of small, but perfectly formed bonuses. These could be based on features that already exist within the game, so would hopefully be easy to tweak and rebadge without extensive coding work.

Along those lines, there are 3 that spring to mind - I'm sure more could be suggested but these will do to start with.

1. Double xp for a single mission
This works just the same as purchasing double xp. Except it will last for just one mission (or perhaps, say, 10 mins if that's easier). Tokens giving this would have to be used within 24hrs to deter hoarding.

2. First aid kits to speed healing on one survivor.
This is just a rebadge of the 'use gold to heal' feature. It could be set at the value of about 10 gold, or about 40 mins. Heck, be generous: make it an hour of healing! Single use, no change given if your survivor needs less healing time. These needn't have a time limitation on use.

3. Discount tokens to reduce cost of opening extra mission crates.
This could give a 10-gold reduction on crate opening, ie from 25 to 15. To be used within 24hrs.
Once again, you do this anyway during jackpot events, so it's just about repacking it as a stand-alone reward. It would mean that jackpot events, reduced already, would only cost 5 gold with the token - but that's OK, isn't it?

- These rewards would be of equal benefit to all player levels.
- There should be little, if any, impact on revenue stream for NG.
- At a guess (correct me if I'm wrong), they could be quickly set up and implemented.
- Provided they are *generously dropped (*this is important!), the Herd and Jackpot events would attract a lot less criticism and help poor @Fluxxx get an occasional night's sleep :)

Thanks for your attention.


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,332
    I love it. And I think incorporating the idea of miny boosters scattered throughout the game particularly in events like the herd and in scavenge mode.

    Say you're opening crates in scavenge and land a 20-minute gas booster?

    Or you're popping walkers in the herd and gain some "bonus unlocks" to open extra post mission crates?

    Things like this would be fun. And to encourage players time in game it's a win for NGs too.

    +1 @Fluxxx

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  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 500
    I like the idea!
    RE "quickly set up and implemented," not so much. There would have to be UI elements added:
    - A screen on which mini bonuses and your available quantities are listed.
    - Buttons to choose to use the bonuses at the appropriate time. Gas boost could be activated on the aforementioned listing screen; but healing boost or crate discount would need a way to be activated in the tent or on the crate screen.
    - Various art assets for the listing screen and for the 'flyout' icons that go from a killed herd Z to the appropriate zone on the screen (like XP and tomatoes and gold).

    Sure, it is all doable. But it is more than just repurposing existing code.
  • FluxxxFluxxx Staff Posts: 1,085
    Yeah, it's not so simple to implement these kinds of consumables. In the longer-term, it's not out of the question but as @Artminius said, it does require a fair amount of code as they would essentially be completely new items (for example, we don't have any item that speeds up healing, nor is there the functionality for a herd walker to drop a gas/XP booster). For now brand new functionalities will most likely have to wait.
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