Gold/Radio loss issue

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Hey guys,

We've received reports of people who bought some of the bundles for Black Friday getting kicked out of the game after a while and then losing radios or gold upon coming back. The issue should be fixed now, but there were a few players affected.

Here's the problem:

There's a was a visual bug which showed players that there are improved rewards on the second purchase (described by Drunken here).

For example, if you bought the Double Big Radio Stash (350 Radios, 350 Radios, 2000 Gold, 2000 Golds, 10000 TG, 10000 TG), you would be shown another Double Big Radio Stash Bundle which contained improved rewards. The 'improved rewards' were the visual bug. The bundles were meant to be the same, but they showed as more in the game.
So when players started to make radio calls, eventually they'd spend over the amount that they actually have, and start eating into their gold (without the game actually telling you). At some point, the game detects this and reloads to correct the problem, which is why when some players came back to the game it looked like they lost radios or gold - because those technically never existed in the first place.

Of course, nobody would make multiple radio calls for 1250 intentionally, so on Monday we will:

- Refund the gold lost from making radio calls (During the time of this issue ONLY)

In other cases related to this problem, please contact support and we'll look into those on Monday!
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