JayZ's NML strategy compendium

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Hey everyone!

I've been sharing tips and videos on various chat mediums (Line, Slack, Discord, GroupMe) for a while now. I wanted to compile some of the tips I've shared to hopefully help the broader community out (and also because I'm getting tired of retyping the same things, lol).

Most of this advice is tailored towards middle level players trying to figure out what to prioritize or higher level players looking to take their game to the next level. I started the game a REALLY long time ago, so I don't have particularly good advice on how to build your camp because it has been a long time since I've had to do that.

1. Links to Challenge and Distance videos
2. General tips for succeeding in the Challenge and Distance
3. How to use survivors and what their ideal traits are
4. Suggested hero guide
5. Badging strategy
6. My favorite team combinations
7. Advanced guide to melee survivors
8. Advanced guide to ranged survivors
9. Helpful pictures and diagrams

Hope this is helpful! Any ideas for future posts are more than welcome. Also, if you have comments or recommendations on my posts, I'd love to hear them so that I can incorporate other advice and perspectives.


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    My favorite team combinations

    Last updated: October 26, 2020.

    This post will highlight some of the teams that I use most frequently. The first hero in each team represents the recommended leader of a team. I know that not everyone has the ability to reroll all of their heroes to have perfect traits, so unless there is a specific hero I have in mind, there are times where I may refer to a general survivor class (like "Scout" or "Bruiser"). These can be heroes or non-heroes, but in many situations, heroes are generally better because they have higher base damage/health and also useful leader traits.

    Scout Daryl -- Scout Rick -- Bruiser
    - Best situations to use this team: Almost every situation. Daryl's Prowl will allow you to get a lot of extra attacks in. Both Daryl and Rick are great at killing regular and special walkers. If you run into trouble, a Bruiser can help stun walkers and take some hits.
    - Additional notes: Gear setup depends on the situation, but I recommend: Daryl's Hunting Knife for Daryl, Tactical Spear for Rick, and Morgan's Staff for your Bruiser (preferably Morgan/Eugene/Glenn).
    - Example: Attention Class 46.1The Back Lot 45.1

    Scout Daryl -- Scout Rick -- Scout
    - Best situations to use this team: Similar to the above, but better in situations where there is more space to maneuver where you can run and avoid walkers.
    - Additional notes: Gear setup depends on whether there are spawns or not, but I recommend a combination of Daryl's Hunting Knife, Tactical Spear, and Swift Strike Spear.
    - Example: Lost Bunker 49.2Abandoned Camp 48.2

    Eugene/Glenn -- Bruiser -- Bruiser
    - Best situations to use this team: Maps where you have to open gates, open crates, or run to the exit.
    - Additional notes: Glenn is a great leader in situations where you start off surrounded by a lot of walkers. Eugene's leader trait allows for extra survivability. Morgan is a good leader at lower levels, but when one-shot critical hits from walkers bring you into struggle, then Morgan's trait isn't really worth it. Tactical Staff can be a game-changer here.
    - Example: Escape Map 50.1Woodbury 49.1

    Sasha -- Assault -- Assault
    - Best situations to use this team: Maps where you have a large number of regular walkers and potentially some special walkers. Use your Assaults to stun walkers and charge with Sasha's leader trait.
    - Additional notes: Sasha is usually best off with either the Harpoon rifle or a rifle that can start fires. Critical Aim can help provide additional stun opportunities. Abe and Rufus (with rerolled traits) are ideal Assaults to pair with Sasha. Lucky, Revenge, and Retaliate on your Assaults will maximize their chances of charging. Damage Reduction and Dodge will help your Assaults survive longer.
    - Example: Boombox 50.1Army of 3 50.2

    Sasha -- Bruiser -- Bruiser
    - Best situations to use this team: Similar to above, maps where you need to build a stun wall and kill special walkers.
    - Additional notes: Sasha is usually best off with the RPG. Critical Aim can help provide additional stun opportunities. Eugene and Glenn (with rerolled traits) are ideal Bruisers to pair with Sasha. Lucky, Retaliate, and Punish on your Bruisers will maximize their chances of charging. Be careful to not let your stun wall break down. Damage Reduction and Dodge will help your Bruisers survive longer.
    - Example: Hershel's Farm 50.2, Vermin Control 50.1

    Sasha -- Eugene/Glenn -- Assault
    - Best situations to use this team: Similar to above.
    - Additional notes: Switching in Eugene/Glenn allows for some strategic versatility. Eugene is the ultimate tank, while Glenn can give you an advantage right at the beginning of the map if he starts charged.
    - Example: Fish In A Barrel 50.1Junkyard Dwellers 50.1

    Beta -- Scout Daryl -- Scout Rick
    - Best situations to use this team: Maps where you need to get to an exit or search for clues, but there are enough walkers that you need to kill some first before you can accomplish your objectives.
    - Additional notes: Be careful with Scout Daryl. His Prowl can break a herd. But once you get used to using him with Beta, he is a very powerful tool because he can kill and herd all at once.
    - Example: The Box 50.1 or Good Neighbors 50.1

    Beta -- Scout -- Bruiser/Scout
    - Best situations to use this team: When you are trying to get to an exit, open crates, etc. but don't need to kill walkers. This is a versatile team that allows you to herd, stun, and run.
    - Additional notes: Bruiser Glenn and Scout Glenn are usually my preferred teammates here. Bruiser Glenn's charge points can be very helpful, while Scout Glenn's ability to open a box and move helps you get out faster.
    - Example: Jail Break 50.2, Building Blocks 50.2

    Scout Rick -- Bruiser -- Bruiser
    - Best situations to use this team: Maps where you are overwhelmed by large numbers of walkers, but you have some time to get yourself into position and clear out some walkers.
    - Additional notes: Rick as a leader can help pass charges between him and your Bruiser heroes (preferably Morgan/Eugene/Glenn). Swift Strike Spear can be useful for more quickly killing and charging up your survivors.
    - Example: Cabin By The Lake 46.2

    Bruiser Glenn -- Scout Rick -- Bruiser
    - Best situations to use this team: Similar to the above, except Glenn's leader trait can help provide a valuable boost on maps where you might be surrounded and overwhelmed at the beginning.
    - Additional notes: Nothing else to note.
    - Example: Room Service 43.2
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    Thanks for the suggestion @vshield50! I will add that to my growing to-do list. You're one of the best in the game, so please jump in if you have tips of your own :)
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    That's awesome @vshield50! I'm signing off soon for the night to watch some basketball games, but will incorporate those tips.
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    ATLAS-Z said:

    @zbot @Fluxxx sticky that post please? :smiley:

    Tsk tsk very sneaky.
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    Awesome, thanks for your effort.
    Can you also explain why the critical aim is must have for hunters?
    My F2P challenge videos are here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAl_96Zig2NXqvGM_2Mf5Aw
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    Thanks for this @JayZ, I put a link to it in my guild line chat 🙂
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    @JayZ EXCELLENT post and thank you to everyone who is contributing. This will be my go to for players asking advice. Just excellent. Thank you!
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    Thank you all for your support! Really glad this is helpful. I want to do a lot more, so please bear with me while I finish fleshing out the content. I'll reply and let you know when major sections are done, but I don't want to spam the frontpage for minor revisions.

    @imnfiction Critical Aim works better with Hunters than Shooters because they can hit multiple targets. Critical Aim gives Hunters stopping power, i.e., the ability to stun a walker so that they stop coming towards you. With a leader like Sasha who can quickly charge up herself and other Hunters, Critical Aim can give you just enough of a break to finish a mission, get out of harms way, recharge your survivors, etc. Check out the last 20 seconds of this video:

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    Made a lot of updates to my general tips post. Tried to include some videos to demonstrate. Hope it helps!
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    @JayZ amazing I must say. Dang hats off. Maybe I'll stop doing just MM only. Info is awesome.
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    Great work @JayZ i have bookmarked this for future references
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    Awesome work. Thank you for that. <3

    Why is the spear the weapon of your choice? The muscet makes more damage as far as i know.
    Proud member of WEIRDnDEADLY
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    Novell said:

    Awesome work. Thank you for that. <3

    Why is the spear the weapon of your choice? The muscet makes more damage as far as i know.</p>

    Musket does indeed more damage but you can only attack one walker at time (except charged attack) while with the spear you can kill up to 3 (6 if swift kicks in) walkers in one turn. Both weapons are great and I wouldn't say one is better than the other, they are just different.
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    > @JayZ said:
    >Check out the last 20 seconds of this video:

    You were extremely lucky! The chance was only 0.64% for such outcome.
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    @JayZ good stuff. Are you doing an updated version of @OneLessTitan 's wordpress (https://twdnomansland.wordpress.com/)? It would be fantastic to have this updated information on a web page outside the forums. Good luck on your efforts.
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    @Novell few reasons. First, as @Johnbert stated, musket can only attack one. Second, I like Tactical on Spear. Third, musket charged attack causes threat. And fourth, musket charged attack is a lot weaker than Spear!

    @BttlOpener unfortunately, I have no plans of going that big. It’s much easier to share tips than to keep an entire fact-based Wikipedia up-to-date. Sorry...
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    Awesome @vshield50 - this is meant to be shared to all! Glad your guild likes it :)
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